May 22' Update

So, let me start off by saying I have been making content on this website, but since they are primarily PDFs none of my followers/readers will receive a notification. This is because that notification requires a post to be made.

I'm also on a Rotational Deployment at the moment, so that'll likely hinder my content production.

I've been getting really into TradFi, DeFi, & cryptocurrency over the past couple of years. I've made a couple small posts, but I haven't really posted much of what I actually put out to people.

As of rn I'm mainly using my Twitter to put out my opinions and others. You can find it here or under the handle: c_d_chester.

I recommend you go back to my main page and see if there isn't anything new on it. More than likely it'll be some nerdy math PDF.

I'm still working on my book, Hermeneutic Pragmatism. I simply took a break for about half a year due to stupid amounts of workplace BS.

To conclude, I'll probably be posting about finance oriented things for a good while primarily. So if you wanna learn about stocks, markets, cycles, etc. you know where to go!

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