Upgrading to LaTeX For Mathematical Posts

This past week I spent roughly 10 hours learning LaTeX. I figured if I was actually going to use it to the full extent it should be merited I'd share the PDF's it makes. So, from now on I will be making mathematical posts via PDF and posting them on my Publications page as the primary source. Therefore, you will probably not receive many new posts about mathematics due to the fact that it is not in the typical post/article format like this page. Also, I'll be posting my mathematics in video format on my YT channel C. D. Chester as well (to supplement most of my PDFs). Note, however, that that probably won't happen until late April. This is due to the fact that I pledged to only create quality content and in doing so I would be waiting for my new audio equipment. See the embed video below for my details. To conclude, I'll be trying to make some LaTeX tutorials in the future as well and after a couple months giving a Notion product review.

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