The Rubin Report: Liberal or Not?

I'm writing this article actually rather late in comparison to the story, but oh well! So WHAT IS THE STORY ... Dave Rubin and his show the Rubin Report are suddenly a conservative show/podcast and that he is now a full blown conservative. That's a hard NO from me folks!

I found out about this blatant lie through Dave's twitter where he posted some links to Yahoo and The Wrap and where many blue check marks commented over and over again ridiculous reasons to say he is. Have a look for yourself.

My focus for this article will be the above screenshot from Omar.

Dave Rubin does not despise left-wing philosophy in general; what he opposes is the radical left. He constantly makes sure to "seperate the Liberals from the Left." He got this idea from Ben Shapiro (who says it during his show, speeches, etc.). Dave himself is a social and fiscal liberal which is left-wing.

Never once have I ever heard Dave say anything close to hating Muslim imm.'s, if anything I've only ever seen him give compassion and empathy (that you can find in his "Direct Messages" that occurred around the time of the controversial Trump Immigration bans).

The same can be said for the Israeli Apartheid. Dave would never support racial nationalism and racist laws and there are many many video clips that I could to show you of him talking about racism. He even has had 3 different guests talk on race, race relations, and racism on his show! That's roughly 3h of him saying FU to racism.

You want to know why he has roughly 8:2 ratio of right-wing to not right-wing guests? They deny the invitation or get pressured out of it. This literally happened with a presidential candidate and they were public about it! So don't complain about it when it's not his fault. If you want to see who he has invited and who has accepted go to his sight to see the itemized list!

The Blaze (BlazeTV etc.) is not far right. It is right-wing and very libertarian, but it does not go anywhere near the alt.-right's ethnocentrism and racial claims. The Blaze is comparable to Ben Shapiro who is a conservatarian (conservative who is libertarian). Also, Glenn Beck is not a kooky conspiracy theorist; if anything he usually debunks them. Beck is a typical American conservative who isn't afraid to say so. If that is why you call him koooky so be it.

In all, Omar you lied and lied some more. People who think like you really need to look at the data before you say stuff like this.

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