Political Opinions: My Honest Answers


I am taking this test on 10/19/19.



  1. If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations.
    Agree***; would rather it be neutral.
  2. I’d always support my country, whether it was right or wrong.
    Strongly Disagree; Your country can commit immoral actions. On principle, you should oppose all immorality you are aware of.
  3. No one chooses his or her country of birth, so it’s foolish to be proud of it.
    Strongly Disagree; You can objectively be proud and not proud of your birth-nation. To state otherwise is illogical.
  4. Our race has many superior qualities, compared with other races.
    Strongly Disagree; The differences between identified races are extremely minute. For instance, Ethiopians have slightly more porous ankles that help with cooling during endurance running (and various other aerobic exercises). This adaptation is said to be the gradual evolution to their harsh environment compared to the first world nations like Europe. Things like this are scarce and if present equip the group with infinitesimally minimal advantages. Therefore, overall, all races are statistically normative.
  5. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
    Disagree***; Technically they can be your friend, enemy, or neutral party in relation to you. Therefore, yes and no, so I settled with the disagree option.
  6. Military action that defies international law is sometimes justified.
    Agree; The international law may or may not be flawed so its justification depends on the space-time objectiveness of the law(s) in relation to the military action(s).
  7. There is now a worrying fusion of information and entertainment.
    Strongly Agree; The MSM are desperate for revenue and are creating infotainment as a result. To ignore this is to be oblivious to the numerous fake news that has been refuted time and time again. Alternative news mediums are practically the norm for where any real discussion of factual news is present.
  8. People are ultimately divided more by class than by nationality.
    Strongly Agree; The US has become a vastly more diverse, tolerant, and secular nation as time has progressed. The main difference between people nowadays is wealth status, as the income gap exponentially increases and inflation to COL ratio follows.
  9. Controlling inflation is more important than controlling unemployment.
    Agree***; I would like to put neutral as they are basically the same in terms of detriments if something does go wrong. However, inflation IMO is slightly more disastrous. For instance consider this: 0% unemployment, but no one can afford anything because inflation makes their income essentially worthless.
  10. Because corporations cannot be trusted to voluntarily protect the environment, they require regulation.
    Agree; I put agree, but only minimal regulation. I favor a much more free economy, but I do realize that politicians and wealth can change the market's laws to do their bidding if the persons were so devious and evil.
  11. “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is a fundamentally good idea.
    Strongly Disagree; I refer to JBP's argument.
  12. It’s a sad reflection on our society that something as basic as drinking water is now a bottled, branded consumer product.
    Strongly Disagree; Yes it is a consumer product, but it also shows the vast progress we've made. We've mastered our environments to such an extent that we can now OFFER WATER!? That's a bloody miracle compared to the old days and third world nations.
  13. Land shouldn’t be a commodity to be bought and sold.
    Disagree; The essential nature of land depends entirely on the structure of the nation you inhabit. Currently this is how it is and realistically it won't change barr some astronomical global revolution. However, disregarding above, you should have power over what you control and territory is always going to spring about. Thus, it is an inevitable event that land will be controlled by something, meaning man can do with it what he rationally pleases.
  14. It is regrettable that many personal fortunes are made by people who simply manipulate money and contribute nothing to their society.
    Strongly Disagree; The Humanitarian and Libertarian principles don't often mix and here is a perfect example. I side with the Libertarian principle here IE we have no obligations except for those that which we opt for. Thus, we have no obligations to help or hinder society unless we so choose to. Obviously this sounds like something only assholes would say, but it's not false and the logic supports it.
  15. Protectionism is sometimes necessary in trade.
    Strongly Agree; If a foreign country seeks to corrupt a market we should opt to fix that corruption. This can be one of those solutions.
  16. The only social responsibility of a company should be to deliver a profit to its shareholders.
    Disagree; This should be its sole responsibility only if it pledges to do so and nothing else or before all else. Many companies put portions of their revenue towards charity funds over dividends and the like.
  17. The rich are too highly taxed.
    Strongly Agree; The only moral tax systems are flat taxes or voluntary NIT systems. They do not treat people differently based on financial success. Most systems not clumped into these 2 genres immorally discriminate. For a more visual example consider these: 1 & 2.
  18. Those with the ability to pay should have access to higher standards of medical care.
    Strongly Agree; Exceptional care costs more. If you can afford it you shouldn't be barred from getting it. To prevent this is to deny someone their financial autonomy.
  19. Governments should penalise businesses that mislead the public.
    Disagree; I want to say yes, but this is not the proper role of our government. As long as the businesses do not infringe upon the public's rights they are keen to continue, even if they are committing such. The reaction on the social level is where I believe a "crackdown" will occur through various means to oppose the business and therefore "punish" it for its respective deeds. I refer to Friedman's argument. Also: Benson's essay.
  20. A genuine free market requires restrictions on the ability of predator multinationals to create monopolies.
    Strongly Agree; If you are in an environment where you can do nothing against such a monopoly you and anyone else are not free to pursue the market. The monopoly essentially becomes the market's dictator. I refer to most of Ayn Rand's argument though she does argue for total market freedom unhinged by any laws. She does admit this can only occur when the public is willing to oppose economic dictators. Realistically I don't see the public doing such and thus I must concede to some albeit minimal regulation in accordance with Conservative principles.
  21. The freer the market, the freer the people.
    Agree; I agree to a certain extent, modeled much off the above question, but again the evident problems of the above question resurface and thus I must be a Conservative in my answer.
  22. Abortion, when the woman’s life is not threatened, should always be illegal.
    Disagree***; I take the Libertarian stance: government shouldn't be involved with healthcare. Though I detest abortion I can find no legal principle to impose my will. However, I will add that it one does view the fetus as life logically they cannot obtain an abortion in any moral mindset; it can only be viewed as murder in those contexts.
  23. All authority should be questioned.
    Strongly Agree; Everything that ever happens should be questioned if you are to remain in a critical thinking mindset, especially that which can impose upon you.
  24. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
    Disagree; In the context of legalities, it is up to the governing body to create the laws that we can then install or repeal. Thus, equal exchange in relation to the law is not always the course taken. However, I do believe that forgiveness and retribution should be taken into account.
  25. Taxpayers should not be expected to prop up any theatres or museums that cannot survive on a commercial basis.
    Strongly Agree; You shouldn't expect anything from others. Specifically to this you shouldn't set yourself up to fail, especially when it's not your money.
  26. Schools should not make classroom attendance compulsory.
    Strongly Disagree***; If you're going to go anywhere you should be expected to fulfill your relative purpose there. In regards to school, you cannot do this if you aren't there!
  27. All people have their rights, but it is better for all of us that different sorts of people should keep to their own kind.
    Strongly Disagree; The only way to overcome differences is to attempt to understand and go from there. In doing so communication occurs and that is invaluable to progress.
  28. Good parents sometimes have to spank their children.
    Strongly Disagree; If you seek to punish your children there are far better ways to discipline them that have a higher chance of actualizing.
  29. It’s natural for children to keep some secrets from their parents.
    Strongly Agree; You only have to divulge what you want, even to your parents.
  30. Possessing marijuana for personal use should not be a criminal offence.
    Disagree***; The only reason you should own drugs is for medical reasons. I understand that criminalizing drugs is actually the wrong thing to do if you seek to do more good than harm, but on principle I'm very anti-drug.
  31. The prime function of schooling should be to equip the future generation to find jobs.
    Strongly Agree
  32. People with serious inheritable disabilities should not be allowed to reproduce.
    Strongly Disagree; You do not get to impose what I do with my body or what anyone who consents to do things with me does given we don't violate an objectively rational & moral outlook.
  33. The most important thing for children to learn is to accept discipline.
    Strongly Disagree; IMO the most important thing for children to do is to learn, not to be drones for their masters.
  34. There are no savage and civilised peoples; there are only different cultures.
    Strongly Disagree; You can objectively and conclusively formulate when or not something is savage or civilized. To say otherwise is to ignore all elements of reasoning.
  35. Those who are able to work, and refuse the opportunity, should not expect society’s support.
    Disagree***; If society has dictated that to receive benefits (or the like) you need to work then yes, if not them maybe or no.
  36. When you are troubled, it’s better not to think about it, but to keep busy with more cheerful things.
    Disagree***; If the matter is trivial then yes, if not then no they should be actively working for a solution.
  37. First-generation immigrants can never be fully integrated within their new country.
    Strongly Agree; Statistically speaking this is true for the vast majority (over 95%).
  38. What’s good for the most successful corporations is always, ultimately, good for all of us.
    Agree; It is only good if it enables some noticeable benefit for the rest. Currently we can observe this through Amazon's competitive markets.
  39. No broadcasting institution, however independent its content, should receive public funding.
    Strongly Disagree; If a society deems it fit to fund something through whatever system of representation they have why she we deny it its basic autonomy?
  40. Our civil liberties are being excessively curbed in the name of counter-terrorism.
  41. A significant advantage of a one-party state is that it avoids all the arguments that delay progress in a democratic political system.
    Strongly Agree
  42. Although the electronic age makes official surveillance easier, only wrongdoers need to be worried.
    Strongly Disagree; the range of cybercrime and deep fake tech alone should create enough of a premise for my conclusion.
  43. The death penalty should be an option for the most serious crimes.
  44. In a civilised society, one must always have people above to be obeyed and people below to be commanded.
    Agree***; Hierarchies will always exist and for systematic health to be obtained and secured some authority must be present in a civilized society. This authority will always take the form of a hierarchy so yes the up-down principle will be upheld by nature.
  45. Abstract art that doesn’t represent anything shouldn’t be considered art at all.
    Strongly Disagree; It only matters what the artist thinks.
  46. In criminal justice, punishment should be more important than rehabilitation.
    Disagree***; only if the person won't be rehabilitated.
  47. It is a waste of time to try to rehabilitate some criminals.
    Strongly Agree; hence 46's answer.
  48. The businessperson and the manufacturer are more important than the writer and the artist.
    Disagree; The foundations are more important than the conclusion.
  49. Mothers may have careers, but their first duty is to be homemakers.
    Disagree; Mothers have a paternal duty/instinct to their children and marriage vows to their spouse. Unless in her vows she explained "this" then no I see no reason to state that she should be.
  50. Multinational companies are unethically exploiting the plant genetic resources of developing countries.
    Strongly Agree; I'll be honest and admit I only understand this sentence maybe 70%, but overseas workshops are horrendous, real, and numerous.
  51. Making peace with the establishment is an important aspect of maturity.
    Strongly Disagree; only if the establishment is something that is objectively moral/rational. For instance, why would you make peace with a murderous dictatorship?
  52. Astrology accurately explains many things.
    Strongly Disagree
  53. You cannot be moral without being religious.
    Strongly Disagree
  54. Charity is better than social security as a means of helping the genuinely disadvantaged.
    Disagree***; Both yes and no, but overall it's a no.
  55. Some people are naturally unlucky.
    Strongly Disagree***; Luck is unprovable.
  56. It is important that my child’s school instills religious values.
    Strongly Disagree; Schools shouldn't be teaching religious values unless the student signs up for a class on religious texts/subjects/etc.
  57. Sex outside marriage is usually immoral.
    Strongly Disagree***; In the secular view this is the case. For most religions it is the opposite.
  58. A same sex couple in a stable, loving relationship should not be excluded from the possibility of child adoption.
    Strongly Agree; If the couple passes all the normal tests that others does they should be just as eligible.
  59. Pornography, depicting consenting adults, should be legal for the adult population.
    Strongly Agree; I refer the Libertarian argument.
  60. What goes on in a private bedroom between consenting adults is no business of the state.
    Strongly Agree; I refer the Libertarian argument.
  61. No one can feel naturally homosexual.
    Strongly Disagree
  62. These days openness about sex has gone too far.
    Agree***; only in some "circles."

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