Hermeneutic Pragmatism: The Prelude

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been less than usual in my site's upkeep. Military and college got in the way.

Anyways, this post is simply to give the prelude to a series of posts that will concern my philosophy: Hermeneutic Pragmatism.

At the end of this series I will post a combined PDF on the Publications page; look for it under Philosophy, but much later than now. Currently, I'm on a 4 day break so I thought I'd take some time to reflect on who I am as a person and what that means political, socially, spiritually, and morally.

I'll be tackling all the questions I can think of, find online, scavenge from books, etc. to focus into this series. I hope to make this series into a book when it's all done. It'll either be on Blurb or Amazon (through Blurb) ... I;ll keep y'all posted!

Feel free to comment below with questions you want me to give my input on in any of the posts, even this one! If you could give a more broad and then more explicit example it'd be appreciated.

Before you go note that my YT channel "C. D. Chester" is something I've dedicated some amount of time to now, so I'll see about making a page for them by some grouping method.

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