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From the last update I did in regards to my physical fitness I do not believe I have made any progress, if not slightly regressed, and there are reasons for that. I have been quite lazy as of late in regards to maintaining fitness, but have been very active in studying fitness and mathematics. You might've noticed that I'm posting a good bit to my website now and not linking to other sites or PDFs.

Since I've been to Ft. Hood, TX I've been primarily focusing on orienting myself to the current location I'm at. Ft. Hood is massive and very easy to get lost in. Due to this I tried to create and stay in I guess you could call it my "Safety Area." This is primarily around the barracks I currently live in.

The biggest challenge I have ATM is from my lack of access to automated vehicles. So I'm not sure how long I'll be in Ft. Hood so I've put off buying one. This has severely restricted my range to which I can easily travel to and from. So my average range that I can find my way back from is around 3 to 4 miles (walking).

In regards to social life skills I have made good progress in connecting with my favorite mathematics YouTubers: BPRP, Dr. Peyam. We have talked about doing a collaboration when I come back to CA for a month, which I'm REALLLLLLYYYY looking forward to. #mathforfun as BPRP would say.

So back to the fitness related stuff. I recently lost my measuring utensils. They're probably somewhere in my 3 duffel bags in the crook of something near the bottom. Best estimate is that I'm:

Weight: 165 lb. (74.84 kg)
Waist: 34 in. (86.36 cm)
Neck: 14.5 in. (36.83 cm)
BF%: 18.75 - 20.1% (19.5% AVG)

Using my recent articles on FFMI and how long it actually takes to reach a specific BF% I can calculate how much time I realistically have until I reach my goal of < 14% BF%. The numbers come out to:

FFMI: 19.9
Time: 64 - 352 days

I'm current shooting for around 95 to 100 days to reach my goal; this corresponds to going from 19.5 to 14%, RC=0.95, and DC=0.008. Doing some more numbers I wanted to see just how lean I could get in my time left (have until 1/1/2020). The best and worst case scenarios came out to: reaching 5% BF% in a hypermorphic 125 days OR spending all my remaining time actually having no positive progress whatsoever. Current projected weight at 14% is expected to be around 150 which is quite close to what I used to be at when I was younger. For reference was about 14.5% at 143 lb.'s as given to me by my sprint coach who later went on to train Olympians.

In all finger's crossed!

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