Creator Spotlight - Zachary Lee

Zachary Lee

"Obsessed with Integrals"

Zachary's site is very straightforward, unlike the majority of my early work. My earliest work concerned primarily finding quality sites or online PDFs to topics I found interesting at the time. Zachary's site is dedicated to mathematical exploration, like the large portion of mine. All of his mathematical work carries the same format and is clear to understand (for the most part). I hope if you enjoy intuitive thought processes that you'll have a look or follow his site (given above).

Some of the topics he covers include:

Mellin Transformations

Ramanujan’s Master Theorem -

Trigonometric Integrals -

Cauchy’s Integral Formula -

Beta Function -

Leibniz Integral Rule -

Feymann's Technique :

Lebesgue Integral -

Reimann Integral -

Bell Polynomials -

Contour Integration -

Digamma Function -

and more ...

Zachary's website is archived back all the way to July 2017 and he posts fairly regularly so he has plenty of posts you can look through. I originally found out about Zachary through YouTubers BlackPenRedPen and Dr. Peyam through one of my favorite integrals:

begin{aligned} int_0^infty dfrac{sin{x}}{x} : dx = dfrac{pi}{2} end{aligned}

Regardless, he has taught myself (obviously many online as well) of many new techniques and problems (both open and closed) in mathematics and for that I'm thankful. I'm a philomath (like him)!

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