Freeletics Documentation: Summary of Exercises and Workouts

These are all of the exercises and pre-made workouts on the Freeletics app. This will not include the drills or intervals as they vary based on the coach's evaluation of you by your feedback over time.

Individual Exercises:

__p stands for the number of points Free Athletes receive per 10 repetitions. Points per 10 repetitions range from 1 to 18. I will try my best to find videos showing proper form to most, if not all, of the exercises.

Non - Running:

Archer Pullups (12p)
Archer Pushups (9p)
Arm & Leg Lift (3p)
Assisted Leg Raises (2.5p)
Assisted Lung Walk (2.5p)
Assisted Lunges (3p)
Assisted Pistol Squats (2.5p)
Assisted Pullups (5p)
Assisted Squats (2.5p)
Assisted Standups (4p)
Bicycle Crunches (3p)
Burpee Deepfrogs (8p)
Burpee Frogs (7p)
Burpee Squat Jumps (7.5p)
Burpees (6p)
Calf Raises (3p)
Chest-to-Bar Pullups (9p)
Clapping Pullups (10p)
Clapping Pushups (8p)
Climbers (3p)
Commando Pullups (10p)
Cossack Squats (10p)
Crunches (2.5p)
Diamond Pushups (6.5p)
Dragonflags (12p)
Elevated Split Squats (4p)
Froggers (4.5p)
Ground Supermen (2p)
Ground Twists (2p)
Half Archer Pullups (12p)
Handstand Pushups (17.5p)
Hanging Knee Raises (4p)
Hanging Knee Wipers (13p)
Hanging Leg Raises (5.5p)
Heel Raises (1.5p)
High Jumps (5p)
High Knees (2p)
High Side Plank Crunches (8p)
High Side Plank Twists (8.5p)
Hip Raises (3p)
Incline Pushups (4p)
Incline Rows (7p)
Jackknives (5p)
Jumping Jacks (1p)
Jumping Pullups (4p)
Jumps (3.5p)
Knee Pushups (3p)
Knee Wipers (3p)
Leg Wipers (4p)
Lunge Walk (3.5p)
Lunges (4p)
Mod. Side Plank Crunches (3p)
Mod. Side Plank Twists (3.5p)
Mountain Climbers (2p)
Muscleups (17.5p)
Negative Bar Dips (7p)
Negative Pushups (4p)
One-Arm Pushups (10p)
Pikes (5p)
Pistols (7p)
Plank Knees-to-Chest (3p)
Plank Knees-to-Elbow (6p)
Plank Leg Lifts (5p)
Plank Switches (5p)
Pullups (7.5p)
Pushups (5p)
Reverse Lunges (4p)
Shoulder Bridge Leg Raises (5.5p)
Shoulder Pullups (5.5p)
Shrimp Squats (6p)
Side Dips (5p)
Side Lunges (6p)
Side Plank Crunches (7.5p)
Single Leg Hip Raises (6p)
Situps (3.5p)
Skipping Jumps (1p)
Sphinx Pushups (8.5p)
Spiderman Pushups (6.5p)
Split Lunges (5p)
Sprawl Frogs (5p)
Sprawls (3.5p)
Squats (3.5p)
Squat Jumps (4p)
Standing Scales (3p)
Standup Jumps (7.5p)
Standups (5.5p)
Straight Bar Dips (7.5p)
Straight Leg Raises (4p)
Strict Muscleups (18p)
Strict Pullups (8p)
Strict Toes-to-Bar (10p)
Supermen (3p)
Toe-Touch Crunches (5p)
Toes-to-Bar (6.5p)
Twists (5p)
Typewriter Pullups (15p)
Wide Squats (3p)


40m (~0.03mi)
100m (~0.06mi)
200m (~0.13mi)
400m (~0.25mi)
800m (~0.5mi)
1km (~0.62mi)
1.5km (~0.93mi)
3km (~1.86mi)
5km (~3.11mi)
6km (~3.73mi)
8km (~4.97mi)
10km (~6.21mi)
12km (~7.46mi)
15km (~9.32mi)
21km (~13.05mi)
42km (~26.1mi)

Workouts Freeletics Provides:

I have put all the Non-Running and Running workouts on a PDF. You can find it here:

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