Freeletics Documentation: The Introduction


For many years I've always had the same selfish goal. To look like something out of a superhero movie (but more natural looking). This year I think it will change. For those of you wondering UTD means "up-to-date."

Before I left for for Army Basic Training I was 175 lbs and at around 21 to 22% body fat. From there I lost a good amount of fat and gained nearly all of the weight back in muscle.

Currently at 169 lbs with a 33 in waist (was 35.5 when I went in) and around 17% body fat. So as you can see major improvements have been made.

With me being in the Army (at least for now) it makes sense to try to accomplish this resolution.

I've taken up the Freeletics app and have been documenting my work. It has a point/leveling system which makes it more like a game (at least to me). I personally enjoy this aspect and it makes me want to compete with my fellow athletes who I follow or who follow me.

My goal is to get to 14% body fat or lower by the end of the year. I have no idea what weight that will put me at but I feel like I'll accomplish this well before the new year. I might regret that statement lol 😁

Anyways, I wanted to hold myself accountable so I'll post updates whenever I get around to it. If any of you want to join me get the Freeletics app and we can compare through that. To end this post I'd like to also give a shout out to my long time friends turned fitness "models:"

Trevor Lippincott
Colin Lippincott
Parker Gerbaz

PS - You can follow them on Instagram here:

PSS - You can find me on the Freeletics app with the username

"C. D. Chester"

The Format

The format for my updates will go like this:

  1. Date
  2. Weight (lb)
  3. Waist (in)
  4. Neck (in)
  5. Workouts completed since last update to whatever detail I decide to give it
  6. Any extra notes I feel like leaving ... relevant or not

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